ILEARN works with schools to complement the study of religions in the World History and Social Sciences units, which cover Islam. On teacher’s invitation, trained ILEARN speakers deliver a tailored 40-90 minute class combining a formal presentation using PowerPoint or transparencies and an informal interaction with the students.

Health Care and Social Services

ILEARN offers cultural competency presentations to health and social services professionals. From ½ hour brown-bag discussions on nursing care of the Muslim patient to day-long seminars addressing specific clinical and ethical issues, experienced speakers can address the audience’s particular needs and interests.

Law Enforcement

ILEARN works with law enforcement officers to assist officers to provide for the safety and security of Muslims, familiarizes them with Islam and Muslim culture, and teaches protocols for interaction with Muslims. Seminars are interactive and offer a safe environment for officers to express their feelings and raise questions about their experiences with the Muslim community.


ILEARN offers training for corporate managers and employees who interact with Muslims in the workplace. A 2-hour seminar opens with a luncheon buffet and opportunity for participants to informally meet the trainers. Presentation content includes commonly held perceptions of Islam and Muslims, sources of those perceptions, Muslim religious practices on the job and “fair employment” guidelines.

Institutions of Worship

ILEARN is committed to building bridges between people of differing faiths. In a tailored 40-90 minutes presentation, we cover the basics of Islamic beliefs and practices, highlighting areas of common ground between faiths, and emphasizing how we can work together to promote a more just and compassionate society.

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